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The Benefits of Partnership

Partnering with iCONNECT365 can help you expand your business, add additional value to your constituents and generate a lifetime of residual revenue for your company or organization.

With iCONNECT365 flexible partner program, you can introduce your member organizations to technology and make margins to be invested back into your organization. 
Our partner program is simple.  For every license seat you refer to us, will give you a % of the revenue for the life of that relationship.  It’s just that simple.
Value Add
When you partner with iCONNECT365, you’ll be adding additional value to your members by expanding your service offerings. 


iCONNECT365 is an innovative, intelligent cloud based solution designed to encourage connection, community & collaboration among communities of faith, ministries, social organizations, clubs, fraternities, sororities and their members/supporters.  We're motivated to help churches, para church organizations, evangelistic associations, denominations and individual ministries understand the benefits of technology and showing them how to utilize its benefits for sharing their message to the world.

Get the iCONNECT365 Partner Network GUIDE today!

Interested in obtaining more information on how to partner with iCONNEC365?  Simply complete the form below and someone from our Partner Network office with contact you today to help you discover the benefits of partnership.

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